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Born in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Broadway was very determined to seek resources for his dancing career. During Broadway's childhood, he was always surrounded by music and inspiration, at a very young age he discovered his gift to move his body in abnormal ways. As he grew perfecting his gift of dance, he realized it was rather difficult for him to pursue his dancing career. After graduating from high school, Broadway booked his first paid teaching job at a local dance studio and high school, coaching kids on their step and dance team. Later, he soon fled to New York City in the Summer of 2004.

While in the "Big Apple" Broadway was trained by world re-known celebrity choreographers: Brian Friedman, Rhapsody James and Dan Karaty just to name a few. He received very intense training from his inspirations, giving him wise knowledge of each genre of dance: Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Ballet, Modern and African. With a natural and dedicated ability to display these styles of dance, Broadway felt full of inspiration. One day in the middle of rehearsal Broadway was also given the opportunity to feature in a Broadway production called "Wicked" and took over Times Square dancing with a choreographer's company performance squad.

Returning to Virginia, Broadway was so inspired from his experience in New York, he then began to do background dance for local artists. While doing so, he opened up shows for Chris Brown, B5 and Trey Songz, along with nightclub and community events in Washington D.C. and Maryland.

Broadway also attends dance conventions featuring the previous mentioned choreographers along with Luam, Kevin Maher, Luther Brown and Popin' Pete, to help polish his craft. Broadway loves to teach and inspire others, so he's determined to give other dancers the opportunities he was blessed with. Broadway says, "Dancing is just not what I do, it's who I am."



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