• When you create enough space for yourself and other dancers, you allow yourself to learn and execute the choreography.
  • Sometimes the combinations get hard, try not to be to hard on yourself. Have fun!
  • Classes are over before you know it. There is no time to mark it. Dance Full-Out!
  • Remember its always better to see 2 clean pirouettes then 3 or 4 spins.
  • Stay on balls of your feet and use your plie. Take up space when you dance.
  • Constant remind yourself of your training. Dont throw it all out the door when you dance the combo. Your solid base to build on.
  • Musicality is everything. Let the music dictate your movement. I should enjoy watching you show me music in loud or soft eye piercing combos.
  • Pay attention to what your body is doing between counts 1 and 2!
  • Use "popping" to make your moves look more defined.
  • Always think of your posture. Neck lifted, sholders down and pulled up!
  • You have to know exactly what your dancing to. Every beat was put there for a reason. You have to train your ear to listen beyond the typical bass and snare hits.
  • Practice, practice, practice! This is your road to success.
  • You have to be completely open for movement. Leave your insecurities out the studio.
  • Having the mentality of you're already a certain "type" of dancer will block your growth. Whether its hip-hop, jazz or contemporary, it's all movement. Being well-rounded shows a great dancer.
  • Dont expect to already be familiar to the material. If it feels awkward, that's GOOD. It means you're teaching your body to move in a new way.
  • Dont stereotype hip-hop. There are several different looks like hard-hitting, smooth, to old and so on.
  • Work for yourself. Dancing is not a group sport, push yourself and challenge to be the best you can be.
  • Dont expect perfection, technique is a work in progress. No matter how old you are.
  • Dont think just because you're a girl, you have to always dance like one. Learn to be versatile.
  • Remember every teacher has their own way of teaching. Its your job as a dancer to compliment their choreography, while at the same time showing your own uniqueness!
  • Dancing is from within. Love it and embrace it, it's your friend forever. Live each day to the fullest, like you dance!....COMMIT!


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